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LifeSled Testimonials

From Big Wave Riders & Lifesaving Professionals

Chuck Patterson

I still use my first sled from 7 years ago, it's durable and Wahoo provides great customer service. I'm constantly working on product designs with Gary, they are very user-friendly and durable. It's big, wide and soft, it won't hurt you if it hits you. I'm so happy with it I will never change sleds. The handles are big and easy to grab hold of even under extremely gnarly conditions. It rides nicely behind any ski and its fun to use even out at the river with kids. I gotta go I'm off to Puerto!

Don Curry

It's very maneuverable and drafts well behind the boat. It's built from quality materials. It has a virgin bottom without handles laced through. The handles stay upright, they don't collapse under body weight and that's super important. It's built to last and I have the full nine yards, including the transom adapter for my PWC which is well worth the cost. My LifeSled gives me the ability to do so many different things like towing at horrific spots or going out to the lake or river to do some water skiing with my kids.

Garret McNamara

The Sled I trust my life on!!! "By far the best sled on the market." The handles have the best grip. The rails are soft like a boogie board so it won't knock you out if it hits you. If you get caught by a wave and swamp your PWC, this super-buoyant sled can save your super-expensive boat. It's not too heavy and it's not too light, pound for pound it's the best sled on the market. If that didn't convince you to get a LifeSled it is also the lowest priced rescue sled I know of. Ikaika and I are always looking at ways to improve the LifeSled and we don't want to change anything. We may add a few things in the future but for now, they are perfect!!!

Larry Giles

I'm happy with the product and I am also very hard on the product. When it gets damaged, it's easily fixed. They are affordable and I use it for business and pleasure. It's lightweight, it's dependable and can hold up to high-frequency use and extreme environments. It's also adaptable and interchangeable with different types of PWC's; it comes in different models for different applications such as diving, equipment transportation, flood conditions, swiftwater, surfline, and reservoirs. A PWC and sled can enter areas that conventional watercraft can't. A PWC with a LifeSled is a complete package. Larry Giles Captain, Encinitas Lifeguards.

Mark Visser

I put so much effort into what I do that I only want the best equipment. If there's a cheap alternative out there I know it won't work for me and I wouldn't want something that is going fold in half when I'm trying to pick someone up. If you haven't been out there in the critical stuff, take it from me, you want the best. I've used my LifeSled in the West, used it for all my training, and in Hawaii, and you notice the difference. In South Australia when Twiggy got the 80'r and we got waves that weren't far off it, we were out there in the most critical conditions ever surfed and we were out there all day! The LifeSled helped conserve every extra bit of energy and I could put that into my surfing. You notice it, and that was the best thing.

Dan Moore

They are the best sleds made! They are the only sled with aluminum reinforcement and that's a big selling point for me. I also like the molded handles.

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