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LifeSled Testimonal

Mark Visser

I put so much effort into what I do that I only want the best equipment. If there’s a cheap alternative out there I know it won’t work for me and I wouldn’t want something that is going fold in half when I’m trying to pick someone up. If you haven’t been out there in the critical stuff, take it from me, you want the best. I’ve used my LifeSled in the West, used it for all my training, and in Hawaii, and you notice the difference. In South Australia when Twiggy got the 80’r and we got waves that weren’t far off it, we were out there in the most critical conditions ever surfed and we were out there all day! The LifeSled helped conserve every extra bit of energy and I could put that into my surfing. You notice it, and that was the best thing.

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