Honda AquaTrax F-12



This high-impact ABS transom adaptor is vacuum-formed to fit and extend the transom on 2002–2007 Honda AquaTrax F-12 Personal Watercraft. Since Honda didn’t design this jet ski with water rescue boards in mind, we have carefully designed this transom adaptor to allow a LifeSled rescue board to be snugly fitted to the jet ski. This attachment method allows for a safe and stable three-point connection that is firm yet flexible enough to allow for quick turns in critical situations.
You can attach the tow hitch to the rescue sled using our ultra-strong Dyneema® Spliced Loop and one of our stainless steel Quick Release Snap Shackles. For lateral stability, attach the LifeSled to the rear sides of the PWC using our Small Wichard U-Bolts and our Bungee Stabilizers made from marine-grade shock cord. You can attach the bungees to the u-bolts using one of our Aluminum Bungee Carabiner Clips or our smaller, easy-to-use Quick Release Snap Shackles.

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